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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 29, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> reporter: i'm live in richmond. would you chop down 100 trees in order to go green? it happened right here in the bay area. good morning. check out the fog. see how breezy it was in amy's live shot? those are the winds of change temperatures drop 4 to 7° today that's just the beginning. good morning. bay bridge toll plaza relatively light. you can expect delays in downtown san francisco, i'll tell you why./ >> 6:01 on this thursday, thank you for starting your
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day with us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. turn yourself in for your own safe the message from police to the prime suspect they've now identified in the killing of a san jose hells angels leader. police are concerned that hells angels will get to him first? >> reporter: that's right. the san jose chapter lost its president over the weekend, killed by a rival gang member. allegedly killed by a rival gang member in me have . police are now concerned if -- police can't get to the suspect before hells angels do we'll have a funeral instead of a trial. local chapter, we are not disclosing the location of the clubhouse. you can see it is a home in mourning. you can see the flag at half-staff in front of the facility, candle and some flowers, red and blue the colors of the club. all this began friday night at
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hotel casino in sparks side of reno. san jose chapter president jeffrey pettigrew was shot, stabbed and later died after a fight with a vagos motorcycle gang during a biker festival. two vagos members were shot that night. another was shot the next morning. this went on in the casino. patrons were running for their life, diving ungaming tables. we are hearing hells angels -- talking about revenge. >> yes it is straight-up murder. i hope they catch whoever done it and they get the same thing. that's what i think should be done, an eye for an eye. >> reporter: eye for an eye is what has police concerned. police sergeant telling the mercury news this incident could result in retaliation again the vagos and a full war that may result in deadly
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violence in san jose and truth california. police would like is for the suspect to turn himself in before the hells angels get to i had. police know who this guy is, they are not releasing his name or picture as they usually do. they are keeping it off the record. one thing about him, the suspect just like the victim has definite bay area connections. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. in mendocino county, authorities believe the man suspected of fatal shooting a ft. bragg councilman remains in a forest near the small coastal community. the deputies found fingerprints belonging to aaron bassler at a recent burglary at a vacation camera shows beseler carrying arrive. he is mentally ill suspected of killing two people last month, including the council man.
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officials are trying to figure out how to calm public outrage after crews cut down 100 trees. trying to go green. amy is live at point pinole regional park in richmond. >> reporter: so ironic. veried to arrive at a state park to be greeted by stumps. that's what you see at the entrance of the point, inole regional park. 100 trees used to stan here. taxpayers, this was done by local -- to stand here. taxpayers this was didn't by local officials. they decided it was the perfect place to put solar panels for the jail next door. they didn't let the trees get in the way when chopped them down. top government officials are saying this happened without their approval. park visitors say it seems like an obvious thing, not to do. >> i'm all for solar energy, but it seems to me there's more appropriate places.
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>> the communication was happening at too low a level with not enough high level review. there was assumption it was okay nobody was out to do anything wrong. >> reporter: the department of public works had some help with this. a construction company called main street power worked on-the-job. it calls itself a green company. the intent behind this was to go green. the county wants to convert 13 buildings to solar energy. most of the panels were placed on rooftops. here at the jail they wanted to put the panels in this field. now officials have realized this was perhaps a mistake, they would like to fix it and replant all the trees. the taxpayers will have to pick up that bill. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:06. >> announcer: activists have launched an campaign to overturn an ordinance that drasticly limits the number of dispensaries in the city. activists say the ordinance is
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unworkage and amounts to a ban on medical marijuana in the bay area's biggest city. opponents say they will begin gathering signatures for i have an referendum to block the ordnance which is set to take effect the end of october. >> it is unacceptable. it is wrong. it is immoral. we are going to ask the voters to sign a petition to repeal that ban. >> activists have four weeks to gather enough signatures. if they get enough, the city council will be required to put the referendum on the ballot. this is national coffee day. three big chains, at least three big chains are offering you a small pick me up. 7-eleven, to get your free medium sized cup of coffee you need to go to a participating 7-eleven between 7 and 11 this morning offer only good while supplies last. krispy kreme will give away 12 ounce cups all day or at least
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as long as supplies last. if you visit dunkin donuts facebook page you get a coupon all day long. >> all the people that will be walking around -- jittery all day. >> didn't i just see you at dunkin donuts? big cooling trend the big weather story. good morning. you can see one of reasons why. look at this huge trough of low pressure developing out in the eastern pacific this is going to write a -- to bring a series of storms that will bring rain back for all of us. until then ahead of this system drawing in the sea breeze once again and the clouds along the coast in san francisco this morning and that is the beginning of the cooler trend it will remain dry will this happens except for drizzle possible in the morning. check out how mild it is this morning most of news the low
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to mid 60s along the coast san francisco into north bay valleys mid to upper 50s coast low 60s low to mid 70s san francisco richmond and oakland upper 70s san mateo and san rafael east bay valleys in the low 90s 80s around hollister, gilroy, morgan hill from 81 to 89 upper 60s and low 70s with the stubborn clouds keeping a silver lining around the monterey bay. temperatures drop another 2 to 14° by sunday look at the rain in the north bay, monday, tuesday, rain for all of us, much cooler next wednesday. time for traffic here's sue. back to san mateo southbound 280 past 92 car and deer got into it they are waiting for the cleanup crew. slow traffic at the 92 junction. big convention coming to san francisco tomorrow at mosconey oracle's open world
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expect parking problems in the area and traffic delays howard street between 3rd and 4th will be closed all of next week. ace train 110 minutes behind number 3 out of stockton on time no other mass transit problems. 6:09. >> looming supreme court battle that could be a major presidential election issue. big bucks from a small gathering. the most buzzed about republican in america makes a
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:13. strong magnitude 5.6 quake has rattled north eastern japan the quake centered off fukushima hit by the quake in march that left more than 21,000 dead or missing. no immediate reports of damage and no me warning issued after the quake. >> the -- president -- the obama administration filed an emergency appeal last night asking justice tossup whole the constitutionality of the new health care law and throw out an appeals court ruling that requires every american to have insurance within the next few years. the word is the administration wants an up or down ruling before the 2012 presidential election. the law extends health insurance coverage to more
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than 30 million americans. ez new jersey was guest of honor at a pricey fundraising dinner. the who have was meg mit man. -- meg whitman. only 15 couples were invited. they paid between $15,000 and $25,000 a piece for a place at the take. christie insists he's not running for president but has been crisscrossing the country delivering political speeches. the money will go to the new jersey republican party. >> san francisco media officials set to meet with the california utilities commission to discuss the status of a state investigation. report by in february covered major safety issues on the light rail system. they include problems with defective track and systems that operate poorly or not at all. the stay has threatened muni with fines if the problems are
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not addressed. -- the meeting is to determine how muni has responded. :15. time for a check on weather. change in the weather coming up. >> noticeable changes especially how close you are to the coast. that's where we see the fog and temperature drop nearly 17° today. some of the clouds and fog slides across the east bay shore right now. that is one of the reasons why the changes are in the offing and we'll have more cooler weather next week with the rain in the forecast it is definitely fall in the bay area. now, this morning pretty much the same air mass on top of us that's why we have so many 50s. mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco into the north bay valleys around monterey bay and inland thicker clouds and fog mid to upper 50s. let's talk about how our temperatures are still going to be warmer in most areas compared to average days. even with the huge drop 4 to
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17° still 10 warmer in livermore 8 in san jose 2 redwood city san francisco just 1° cooler than average. gives you an idea how warm yesterday was. sunrise 7:03. set at 6:56. southerly surge we talked about yesterday keeps moving up the coast this afternoon and sit there is. drops anchor and keeps you in the 60s while winds pick up off the ocean and bring 70s, 80s even a few 90s in the forecast well into the east bay valleys that's the only place we'll see them today. mid to upper 80s in the south bay on the peninsula low 80s san mateo and millbrae upper to middle 70s coast low to mid 60s today with limit sun if any near 70s downtown south san francisco and sausalito north bay beaches cool and cloudy throw mid 60s inland
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20° warmer you kaja around 94 -- ukiah around 94 this afternoon. union city, fremont could touch 80s upper 80s in the san ramon valley into pleasanton 80s hollister gilroy morgan hill clouds around lean upper 60s to low 70s -- allen the coast only hold-out in the 60s antioch will be much cooler tomorrow morning tropical storm hillary going to sit there and spin for the next five days then double back into the baja. no need to worry about that if you are heading to hawaii. look at all these other areas of low pressure and disturbed whether former tropical systems, coming off way. the reason why we will have so many chances of rain next week especially in the north bay monday and tuesday and for all of us wednesday. hello.
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nice drive headed southbound 101 towards the civic center no problems. roadwork widening project out of novato. you will hit a wall of fog south tower golden gate bridge to the toll plaza, thick on to doyle dive, limited visibility. up until that -- point clear, comes up quickly be aware of that. fast track and car pools the metering lights turned on fast track car pool still the way to go. drive times for this hour, through marin county highway 37 novato, highway 4 beginning to get sluggish towards concord and 580 from 205 to central valley towards pleasanton not a bad drive. for the latest drive times and incidents. 6:19 now. from hardly strictly bluegrass to a little shakespeare.
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in today's what's hot. >> reporter: hardly strictly bluegrass amazing three days of music in golden gate park. it is free. shakespeare's the taming of the slew glorious performance -- outdoors. -- ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the 12th annual oktoberfest, music, food and beer. nearly 100 artists and craves people who live or work in emoriville show why the city is a showplace of art and technology on 64th street. fashion show featuring -- [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: celebrating the
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spirit of creativity with short films and documentaries in the convention center. palo alto international film festival. artists, come together for family fun at the art and nature festival sunday in the redwood regional park. for home viewing, new on blue ray and dvd latest episode of transformers. 6:20. helping to plan a high-tech heist the crime that is raising new questionsthose are " i'm rob nelson.
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welcome back. 6:24. facebook under fire again. privacy activists raising new concerns that information gathered will be used in future marketing campaigns. facebook has not said what if anything they plan to do with the information they collect. this morning arrests of two would be robbers is raising new questions about google maps. officials in chicago say two burglary suspects admitted they picked targets and cased them using google maps. they googled the words expensive homes near highways and got results for the village of indian head park
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outside chicago. they went to google maps and picked specific targets and cased the hopes. the two were caught after being confronted by a homeowner as they were breaking into his house. a big reaction to a little sneeze. the entire bay area class punished over two students' sniffles. an american in custody this morning for allegedly plotting to strike against the nation's -- capital many that story coming you. >> >> reporter: would khofping down 100 trees be an environmentally friendly thing to do? wait until you hear how government officials answered that question. the story coming up. >> flight departure delays in philadelphia otherwise all major airports running on time.i
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good morning. 6:29 the opening bell going to ring now to start the trading day. good news, labor department says the up in of people seeking unemployment benefits fell sharply last week to its lowest level in five months. a sign that lay-offs may be easing nationwide. we'll get the latest live from the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. 6:30.
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we begin with an attempt to go green that caused environmental damage. this began as attempt to install solar panels. there was an unexpected trade off. amy hollyfield is live and will show you that trade off. >> reporter: it looks like a tree graveyard out here are rick. look behind me stump after stump. this is all in the name of going green. these stumps are the first thing you see at point pinole regional park at the entrance. the goal was to go green. the county wanted to convert 13 buildings to solar panel. -- this spot where 100 trees stood they decided was the best place to put panels for the jail. the publishing works department and a private construction company called main street power responsible.
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this visitors are outraged. >> shock, horror. where have the trees gone what going to happen to the birds, owls we heard nothing about i. >> communication was happening at too low a level with not enough high level review there was anuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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good morning, america. final moments. what really happened as michael jackson struggled to stay alive. the heartbreaking seconds as his children watched him fade away. the first bodyguard after the doctor called for help, takes the stand today.


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